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Waterloo Miss Fortune is part of the Waterloo skin series. Costing only 520 RP, and being only a regular skin, the changes are minimal, however, they are still worth checking out, since there have been some changes to the original model.

It was originally released in 2010, so it is a very old skin at this point in time. However, unlike most older skins, this one has still stood the test of time, and is still sold ingame.

Waterloo Miss Fortune in detail

Waterloo Miss Fortune’s uniform is quite interesting, her uniform is based on the 19th-century military uniforms, and it shows. Although this concept sounds very odd for this skin, it surprisingly works on her, and it works very well at that.

520 RP is also insane value for this skin, because although you don’t get much in terms of features, a skin is a skin, and you are at least getting changes to the model, and a brand new appearance for Waterloo Miss Fortune.

Is Waterloo Miss Fortune worth it?

Considering that you get such a good value with this skin, I’d say its definetly worth it, because 520 RP is an insanely good price for a skin, and even though you don’t get a whole lot of features with Waterloo Miss Fortune, you still get a slightly new model, so at least your getting a skin.

Of course, this skin may not but for everyone, and the 19th-century French military uniforms may seem like a boring history lesson to some individuals. However, considering its insanely good price, there is hardly any risk buying this skin, because you aren’t paying a significant amount of RP


In conclusion, it is a very cool skin in the Miss Fortune skin family. Although the changes are minimal, and it does look somewhat similar to the original Miss Fortune, for the price of only 520 RP, you get insane value with this skin.

Overall I think it is a good skin, and one of the reasons why it is so good is, because of its low-low price. Not only that but the new model itself is pretty cool, I think Waterloo Miss Fortune’s outfit looks really good on Miss Fortune.

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