Wicked LeBlanc is part of the “wicked series” of skins. At this point in time, it is a very old skin being released on November 02, 2010. The interesting thing about this skin is its reference to Cruella de Vil from the popular Disney film, 101 dalmatians. References aside, this skin does look quite cool on LeBlanc.

LeBlanc is in the regular-skin category, so therefore it isn’t as “premium” as skins of a higher category. The interesting thing about this skin is that despite being a decade old, it is still available in the store for 750 RP.

Wicked LeBlanc in detail

It is such a cool skin. With her black and white hair resembling Cruella de Vil from 101 dalmatians, it is certainly a very cool skin to have in your collection. Reference-based League of Legends skins are always a treat to have, and I think this skin is such a clever example of that. 

Wicked LeBlanc’s appearance looks quite much like a villain. With her mixed-color hair and sinister makeup, it does indeed make her look quite intimidating. Wicked LeBlanc gives the original LeBlanc a new model, however, beyond that there really isn’t anything else she gains.

Is Wicked LeBlanc worth it?

Aside from the cool reference, and the awesome design, there isn’t really a significant reason to buy this skin, unless your a big fan of Cruella de Vil or you really like Wicked LeBlanc’s design.

Considering it is only 750 RP though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain this skin, especially if you convientintly have left-over RP, in which if that’s the case, then you will certainly be able to obtain this skin no problem.


In conclusion, Wicked LeBlanc is a very cool older skin, with a sick reference, and an awesome design. This skin has a lot going for it, however, it also may not be for everyone, and that is clearly obvious with the fact that not everyone will be satisfied with Wicked LeBlanc.

Overall though, I think Wicked LeBlanc is certainly above average, in the sense that it delivers a lot, and has a good design. It certainly isn’t the best skin in the world, but the awesome Disney reference is so cool, and honestly these “reference-based” are always nice to have.

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