Wicked Lulu as the name implies, is the more “evil” and “sinister” version of Lulu. In terms of rarity, it is just a regular skin, but you get some cool features, with this skin. It was released during the rising boom of League of Legends, although the actual release date of this skin was: March 20, 2012.

Wicked Lulu in detail

Wicked Lulu swaps roles, and becomes a dark sorceress. Her appearance and clothing have also changed drastically, she now has much more darker-themed clothing compared to her original counterpart. Along with these changes she also receives a brand new model exclusive for this skin, which is really awesome.

Sadly you don’t get many new features, in terms of sound effects, animations, and particles, but that is expected since regular skins typically don’t include these features. The price for this skin is 975 RP, a bit high for a regular skin, but it gets the job done by delivering quite a clever-model design. If you ever wanted an “evil” version of Lulu, well this is your opportunity to strike the gold.

Is Wicked Lulu worth it?

It is an average skin in the Wicked Lulu, but sadly it looks oddly similar to the original lulu skin. Still, though it does have some qualities that make it feel more unique and immersive compared to Lulu. Unfortunately, at the same time, it also looks quite similar to the original Lulu skin.

Considering it only cost 975 RP, and it’s still available at the store, you can easily purchase this skin without dealing with the hassle of trying to reopen the legacy vault


In conclusion, Wicked Lulu is an overall average skin, with some obvious problems, but also some great qualities. It has the problem of looking too similar to its original counterpart, but at least it has some minor differences, and it’s not like one of those unoriginal copied skins. 

Although there are problems with Wicked Lulu, there are also many great things about this skin, that could make it worth it. For one this skins design is quite impressive, and the new model is amazing. Not only that, but the skin itself is fairly and reasonably priced, so it shouldn’t be too difficult in obtaining Wicked Lulu. Overall this skin may not be the “god-tier” skin everyone was expecting, but it certainly isn’t a disappointment either. 

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